Bufete de abogados y asesores fiscales - THEDENS


Lawyer's office:

  • Real estate law
    Preparation of contracts of sale and notarial assistance

  • Building law
    Formal urban estate verification

  • Contract law

  • Inheritance law

  • Company law

  • Tax advice for company foundation and supervision
    Constitution and dissolution of companies

  • Tenancy law

  • Leases

Tax accountancy:

  • Tax declaration

  • Representation of companies, self-employed persons, not tax resident persons and companies.

  • Company administration

  • Accountancy


  • Town hall taxes

  • Inscriptions in the registry of deeds, town hall and land-registry

  • Commercial licences

  • Building permit

  • Tax office and social insurance registration


  • Householder's comprehensive insurance

  • Luxury goods insurance

  • Insurance for car and boat

  • Life insurance

  • Health and accident insurance

  • Business insurance